I am available for commissions and events. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in either.

DAN FERN, Head of the Royal College of Art Illustration Department:

"Jonathan Boatfield is the most brilliant draftsman and undiscovered illustrator. His work is a marvellous synthesis of drawing, model-making, and collage in paint. He should be designing sets for the Royal Opera or National Theatre, but he's too busy just producing work to spend time promoting it."

JONATHAN GLANCEY, The Independent, on R.C.A. Breakthrough exhibition:

"The astonishing Jonathan Boatfield, for example, has produced some of the most consistently brilliant work and yet is still struggling for commissions. In an attempt to promote Boatfield's prodigious neo-baroque talent, the R.C.A. has opened the exhibition with the artist's minutely detailed work."

CAMPAIGN MAGAZINE annual Creative Futures blurb:

"Coming across Jonny's work is like discovering the Dead Sea Scrolls for yourself", says DDB art director MARK REDDY. Billing him as the 'greatest draughtsman I've ever seen', Reddy has a string of eulogies at hand - 'an extraordinary brain, a visual feast, baroque crammed with devices. He does not create a single image but a maelstrom of the world, a philosophy."



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